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A Real Working 1950s Town


About Us

Jim Richardson and his brother Bob loved the 1950's. They both love history and grew up in that special time in America and who never forgot those special endless summer days of their youth.

Jim and his wife Tricia would take Sunday drives in the rural countryside. They would crest a hill or round a curve and see a small town in the distance that would stir a remembrance of the small towns in central Indiana where he grew up. But, on entering the town, the nostalgia evaporated as the modern town had no General Store or Whizzer motor bikes. So… Jim decided to build such a town himself. The result is the growing town of Summer Place.

Jim and Tricia love people and love to share the magic of Summer Place with friends and with those who feel its enchantment. Because they especially love children, it is shared several times a year with the public to benefit their foundation "A Home For Every Child."

Many other events take place at Summer Place such as class reunions, vintage car clubs and people just taking pictures of their cars in front of the Standard station. Bus Tours of elderly people stop here. Visits by nursing homes and elementary schools are welcome any time of the year.

Jim and Tricia's biggest surprises?

• How true "Build it and they will come" turned out to be. Numerous TV shows and many PBS and Associated Press features have aired about Summer Place.

• How much comfort terminally ill people would find here.

• How much children would like Summer Place.

Summer Place is a labor of love and it continues to grow and to impact an expanding number of people of all ages. Summer Place is much more than a museum, it is fun, nostalgia, peace, hope, and a deeply personal and private experience.

What will Summer Place be to you?